A Hotel For The Family Where You Will Enjoy The Nature

Hotel Campestre Barcelona

while you are a guest at our hotel you will enjoy nature to the extreme, wake up to the signing of the colorful birds the sounds of the monkeys, and the holler of the cows in the fields and farms nearby. at the same time you will enjoy the fresh and pure air as wells as the majestic view of the mountain.

Our room consist with air conditioning, fan, hot water, private bathrooms, cable TV, phone services, and room service, among other things,  we also have a spacious parking area big enough for the capacity of  80 vehicles.


The room in our hotel are classified as following:

Honeymoon Suites

Full services.


Full services.

Twin Bongalows

As like you want.

Rooms  "Las Lomitas"


Residential Rooms


Economics Rooms


Restaurant and Menu


International Restaurant, spacious area, highly qualified staff, exquisite and variety of  national food and international food.



Matagalpa is one of the most mountainous departments in Nicaragua and represents the beginning of the Northern region of the country. Its territory, which is crossed by two mountain ranges called Dariense e Isabellia, features several rivers flows, interesting towns, rural communities, rural tourism facilities and many natural attractions such as mountains, natural reserves, lakes and waterfalls. The production of high quality coffee is common in this region, known for its cold weather.



spacious auditorium, with capacity for 250 persons in which you may perform all kind of social events, seminars, weddings, reunions of any type.

About us

Hotel Campestre Barcelona, a family based environment hotel, was funded by Engineer Enrique Bustamante Abad and is administered by his wife Ventura Zeledon de Bustamante. It was built with an original and different Architecture positioning  the hotel in the like of people who visit us, tourist, companies, and public in general.


Muy Acogedor, exelente clima y precios modicos

Jose N Paniagua

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